Kieron Hawkes, Director ~ “Simon is a dream to work with for any director. From initial conversations, through script break down and planning, shooting and grade he is a great, great DP. He’s constantly supportive, encouraging and collaborative. Simon works faster than any DP I’ve ever seen work or worked with, but with diamond sharp precision, an unparalleled artistry, and incredibly focused and professional attitude. His lighting is always beautiful yet appropriate to the drama, and his camera moves with effortless style. The man is a master in my opinion. I'm apprehensive to say any more because everyone’ll want to work with him and I don’t want him booked up the next time I need him."

Paul Hyatt, Director ~ "Simon was absolutely brilliant to work with, a real pleasure, collaborative, incredibly creative, has a great technical ability and just truly amazing at what he does. He really does make a picture look like a million dollars. And aside from being fantastic at his job, you can always count on him to be a true professional and a joy to work with, always with a smile on his face and always ready for a challenge no matter what. A real inspiration to a director and a crew"

Allan Niblo, Producer "Simon is a total inspiration to work with! Not only is he a "can do" man that relishes any challenge that a production throws at him, he does it with a smile and a warmth and a team camaraderie that makes you so glad that he is on the front line along side you. I cannot recommend him highly enough for his style, dedication, creativity and his commitment to telling stories with beautiful imagery. The world needs more DOPs like Simon!"

Martin Smith, Director ~ "I've worked on over 20 music videos, films and documentaries with Simon. He has an incredible eye - his way with composition and light is remarkable - and even more importantly his photography is always in sympathy with the story. He is both innovative and respectful of traditions and has an instinctive knowledge of references that are unbelievably broad. He really is the lynch pin to making ideas come to life. Every time I've shot with him the work has been more powerful than in my imagination - there is always a magic that happens on set that far exceeded our expectations. And he's amazingly calm and tolerant. The amount of times we have been affected by the elements or time or impending darkness and he is never phased, always understanding of the film to be made I front of us, and able to think on his feet and at the spur of the moment to come up with a solution, a beautiful solution. It is a delight to work with Simon, and exciting, so exciting"

Nick Love, Director ~ "Simon makes a million look like fifty million. The best I've ever worked with!"

Colm McCarthy, Director ~ "Simon is a brilliant collaborator and his work on Dr Who was perfect. He delivered great looking images in a very tight schedule with a cheerful and sensitive approach to the actors and to my needs as a director!"

Richard Parry, Director ~ "Simon is fantastic. Enormously talented with light and image but also open to experimentation and trying the completely insane on a project that really benefited from a left field approach. He was brilliantly supportive to me personally through some really tough times on the shoot. A great guy to work with all round"

Col Spector, Director ~ "It was a pleasure working with Simon - he's a lovely guy who has real talent and who produces great images."

Sloane U'Ren, Director ~ "Simon is a rare breed. He seamlessly combines an incredible artistic talent with a fantastic technical ability. From our initial discussions about the tone and style I wanted to capture through to the actual shoot Simon was full of ideas and I found him to be a true professional, an excellent creative ally and an absolute pleasure to work with"

Marcus Wilson, Producer ~ "Simon joined us on the opening episode of the new 2013 series of Dr.Who, and immediately got the show, whilst bringing a fresh eye and enthusiasm to it. He did a great job cranking up the energy of the show both onscreen and off, and was a pleasure to have as part of the team. Hope to see him back soon"

Chris Simon, Producer ~ "Having made two films with Simon I can wholeheartedly say that he is not only one of the most talented DOP's I've worked with but he is, when required, incredibly fast, economically creative and to top it all he's a really great bloke!"

Adam Garstone, Editor ~ "Simon is a truly outstanding DoP. He photographed 'Dimensions', a period feature film I both edited and graded. Working with first time director Sloane U'Ren, he gave me excellent coverage, especially given the restricted budget and short, four week shoot. Having viewed rushes, he modified lighting of particular actors to better suit makeup – just one example of the care and artistry he brings to his work and to the screen. When it came to the grade, lighting was beautiful, accurate and consistent and the completed film has won universal plaudits (and awards) for its fantastic look. I recommend Si very highly."

Luis Prieto, Director ~ "Simon was so cool and relaxed on our shoot that he made it feel like a summer camp....and the photography is great!"

Chris Cottam, Director "Simon has more than a great eye, he has an adaptability that means he can adjust to any situation you put in front of him. He's collaborative and understands the parameters every level of film making. Whatever the situation, he'll make it work and he'll make it look exactly how you want it."

Wayne Yip, Director ~ "Apart from having a talented and brilliant eye, Simon is always calm and a joy to have on set. Can't wait to work with him again."